oh the irony!

It certainly was not my intention to delay another post to the blog by 5 days. I actually had every intention to finish a book and possibly try my hand at a casual book review. But as life usually works, especially as a reader, I found myself in a rut. Oh the irony that I would find myself in one after my decision to start a bookish blog.

A co-worker of mine had approached me the next day with a book that she felt I should read. The subject was emotionally heavy, she said, but was a good read. She may have jinxed me when she stated that since the book was so thin, comparatively to what I had been reading, that I should get through it in two days or less.

Considering how I feel about loaning out my own books, I try to read through borrowed books as quickly as possible and return it to the owner, whether it be a friend or the library. Day 4 of having this book in my possession and I really am struggling to get through it. It’s not as if I couldn’t dedicate an hour or two and literally fly through the rest of it, I could so easily have this book finished in probably less time than that. I just don’t think I could emotionally or mentally handle it.

So what book is it that I have been talking about? Well it would be none other than this…

As is obvious from the cover it is a story of a woman’s survival and subsequent story of her time at Auschwitz, however here is the Goodreads page for a more in-depth look at the book.

Let me be honest right here, Nonfiction slash Biography slash History is not my usual cup of tea. I float very contentedly in the Fiction realm though my goal is to branch out into the many different genres there are available. And had I picked a book out from the Nonfiction slash Biography slash History genre’s this would not have been my first choice. It sounds absolutely horrid of me to say because I know how terrible this time of World History is, I know it is a dark stain that we must continue to learn from so we hopefully don’t make it again. But it leaves me feeling all sorts of emotionally exhausted and distraught while I read.

Let me end this post with a question to any reader who may happen upon this..

What do you do when you come across a book that you are finding difficult to finish?

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